There is always an opportunity to volunteer with us. We’ve been hosts to many helpers over the years.

No doubt, that for us it is of great benefit to have some competent helpers from time to time. We’ve met the most lovely people this way and connected with other cultures from all over the globe, without leaving our home.

For the volunteer, it is a fantastic way to travel and experience a new country, culture and a sometimes, a different way of life. You give us some of your time and effort to help, plus the presence of your positive company and in return you get your home away from home. A comfy bed (which might be in a tent or caravan during the summer),  good food  and a pleasant atmosphere await you.

In the event you would like to come and volunteer, but we personally do not know you, we ask you to become a member of helpX. You can find the website here. Our host number is 1789.