Our aim is to give you a peaceful, relaxing holiday in a tranquil and naturally beautiful setting. What you won’t find here is a theme park with over-the-top organised activities.

Some of the photos are from the previous owner, who gave us permission to use them. As time goes by we will be able take our own and replace these.

La Vacherie and Courtyard

The Vacherie, once the old cow shed, now a cosy meeting place, which serves as the reception, bar and restaurant for evening meals (3x weekly). You can enjoy your morning coffee here, as well as having your night cap in the evening, and everything in between.
There is a small library from which you can borrow books or an exchange of 'take-one-leave-one'
Free WiFi is available here and in the courtyard.
The courtyard is an amazing space, surrounded by the old buildings of the main house, Le Gîte, La Vacherie, and the old wood fired bread oven. The heady aroma of roses, rosemary and lavender conjures up everything you imagine summer to be,  not to mention the loaded fig trees. 
It is a perfect place to spot and hear the mischievous European Little Owls and their young, together with the Kestrels who make Le Mas their home.

Sanitary Block

The sanitary block has four very spacious walk-in showers, four washbasins, three toilets and one urinal.

Next door, along the path you'll find washing-up facilities with four sinks.

Even further along the path are the facilities to empty your porta potty/chemical toilet, if you happen to have one. Important notice : You are only allowed to empty in here if you use an eco-friendly/organic fluid in your toilet Do NOT dump the real chemical stuff here. There is a place in the village for disposing if you use any other.

There is washing machine available, contact reception. Price € 4.50 including detergent.

Swimming pool

By the time the spring arrives we will have decking and safety guard (to protect children) around the pool area.
From the pool you have a beautiful view over the green and undulating landscape. We use salt to filter the water which gives it a softer and more enjoyable experience. It also has less impact on the environment.
Children should be supervised at all times.


For the little ones

Before we became owners of Le Mas d'Ayen, there wasn't any focus on potential children visiting.  We are planning on changing that, albeit slowly.

La Remise (coach house) ,  one of the outbuildings by the courtyard, next to La Vacherie, is a dedicated space for creative things and art, also board games,  jigsaw puzzles and other toys  are available (including Lego).  

Open from 14:00 till 17:00. Children must be supervised by at least one parent or other adult (who may be nearby in the courtyard). Before leaving La Remise, all things should be put away in its rightful place.

La Remise for the Artist

The coach house is set up for artists and creatives. Whether you are a pro or amateur, you can make use of this space anytime during the day, except July and August, between 14:00 and 17:00, because then it's the kids turn to be creative.
You can bring your own art materials or use what is there. We have a couple of easels available too. Some materials, like simple canvasses can be bought here.

So come in and capture the beauty of the area, you won't regret it.